Hydrophilicity-controlled MFI-type zeolite coated mesh for oil/water separation

SUMMARY | An increasing amount of industrial oily water is being discharged nowadays that severely affects the environment by damaging the biological chain and ecosystem. The presence of oil not only influences the surroundings, but also damages self-cleaning circulations of the ecological system. In order to avoid the environmental deterioration and the waste of limited resources, the produced water is supposed to be treated for irrigation or reinjected into reservoirs [3]. Thus, researchers are focusing on finding materials that efficiently separate water from oil and are environmentally-friendly.
AUTHORS | Ruochen Liu, Shailesh Dangwal, Imran Shaik, Clint Aichele, Seok-Jhin Kim
AFFILIATION | School of Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078, United States