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The National Resource Consortium at Innovation Pointe Labs (NRC) welcomes David Brent Grantham and Kelli Elizabeth Matthews of RedwoodAdaptive.

NRC has named David Brent Grantham as its executive director and principal investigator for a portfolio of research initiatives in the technology to market space. Mr. Grantham is the founder and CEO of RedwoodAdaptive, a new energy economy and sustainable growth consultancy that specializes in peak performance and capacity acquisition in complex adaptive systems. Gains in adaptive capacity occur through cognitive shifts and are embedded via algorithm in response to and anticipation of changes throughout an organization’s operational ecosystem, market and the overall biosphere. These shifts become operational as compressed frames of coadaptation which are then coded into coevolving networks of agents and expressed through algorithm and technological advance. These agents and adaptive networks can then create a portfolio of capacity gains through intuitive and sophisticated interactions that are not achievable outside of a network of collaborative partners.

As an example, the rapid buildout of renewable energy technologies, applications and assets in the distributed generation space has created both existential threats and enormous transformative potential for utilities riding the current wave of technological advance and consumer demand. The accelerated activity in the knowledge, power, and transportation sectors requires a complex adaptive systems (cas) approach that can yield order in a chaotic decision making environment and create an emergent coherence that provides adaptive capacity acquisition via technological and social shifts that provide high value investment opportunities.

Mr. Grantham’s work in the clean energy transition and organizational sustainability includes clients, research and presentations in the US, UK and Italy. He recently advised the City of Oklahoma City as a SolSmart Advisor through the DOE SunShot Initiative. Grantham’s portfolio also includes the creation and development of a ten-year, multi-phased, energy, environmental and economic development platform for a Native American tribe where he worked closely with NREL and the DOE Office of Indian Energy. He also worked with an Italian off-grid renewable energy, water and bioarchitecture firm and partnered with NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility on a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement and a technoeconomic analysis for a North American launch. David holds an MSc in energy resources policy & analysis, an MA in administrative leadership and a BA in international environmental policy, all from the University of Oklahoma.

NRC has named Kelli Elizabeth Matthews as Director of Communications. Ms. Matthews is CFO and Director of Communications for RedwoodAdaptive. Matthews specializes in anticipatory boundary work across all relevant media, specializations and sectors through coherent messaging, both internal and external, that communicates organizational mission, project vision/goals and promotes stakeholder support and understanding. Matthews’ career experience includes video and photography production, corporate sales, outreach and executive level management.


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